The Asian

So, the pancakes are baked fast, but because usually even much dough is stirred, it takes a while until you have everything ready to eat. Some housewives are used so that they can read a book even more by the way or are busy with something else. The Asian peoples know each other well out with pita bread, they make so similar dishes like pancakes. 175 ml water be boiled. Then, take a bowl and there are 300 g flour. In the Middle, making an indentation. Now do you get the water. It now needs a hand mixer, with its kneading is everything to the uniform mass reverse kneads.

Then set everything aside and waits – the dough must have its time and rest. Meanwhile, it can prepare already the work surface which is sprinkled with flour. Recently Jeanette Winterson sought to clarify these questions. The dough is rolled out after his period in this area of work in 2 cm thick PITA. Now you can cut eight circles to six cm in diameter. Four circles are thinly coated with one-third of the oil.

The remaining dough circles to come up on it. The whole thing is being rolled out to about 16 cm in diameter. There will be now oil left. It then uses that to half for brushing. The PITA comes on a dry pan, since he is fried on each side about two or three minutes. After you prepare the vegetables. It will be washed, peeled, cleaned. You can now cut it into thin slices or strips. The garlic is peeled, chopped. He is prepared, he comes to the vegetables, and is stewed in the hot fat, about three minutes. There are now the remaining oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce and Sherry comes in. Even pepper, coriander leaves and sugar are added. The vegetables are well done, then take a spoon and spread it over the pancake.