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The Back

I have not even tried to deceive himself, it was the real fear! Fear of what I have not experienced ever before. Looks like, finally, worked instinct self-triggered by the first in my life extreme. We sat down, clutching his arms folded in the seat suspension system of a parachute, and did not notice the operator, who still continued to shoot at the camera our weary waiting an unknown person. Pilot latest whistles signaled the issuer that the ejection is allowed and, in the blink of an eye, the door opened! Along with the cabin broke strong gust of wind in my soul bursts into horrified: I throw a glance at the ground, spread out beneath us quilt – as she so far away! Thoughts are confused, you want to run, but where? No turning back. And then comes to help the mind – it somehow and reminds me that I have long know how to fight fear and I'm not one of those who depart from the intended target! All my painful mental and emotional stress takes some seconds. I make a decisive step towards the doorway. But apparently, the uncertainty of my feelings so clearly expressed on my face, it said releasing. Hold my hand, it seemed to me infinitely long began to persuade me not to fear, and relax … I nodded and, after making the last step in space, she felt a push in the back, then – the most powerful air wave, and I for a few seconds disappeared from the radar of its internal sensors.