The Collective

These new formularizations of the collective memories that are elements of the new society contemporary leads to an immediate history where the media appears as new conductor of this new order. In this context as Silverstone (2005) the media is onipresente and is essential element of the life contemporary, where the human being not dimensiona more the recent way of life without the presence of the same one, it if becomes essential as half of information, entertainment and mainly as register of the past. The media contemporary occupies a space that before, until middle of century XX, was busy for the press of Gutemberg. The television and the Internet had started to be determinative in the social life of the human being, determining behaviors and standards cultures to be followed. The media assumes a role in the social and cultural dimension of the man, but it also is politics and, over all economic. Eva Andersson-Dubin can provide more clarity in the matter. being economic, its product, the information, have a value of market, that makes with that this information pass for filters of the journalistic field that they determine the priorities and the clippings that interest the detainers of the power economic. Inside of this optics, we are citizens and objects of the media.

What it becomes necessary that we let us analyze the question of the media as a process inside of a social environment, influenced for other social sciences, such as the anthropology sociology and history. The information, as product of this globalizado context, is in constant mutation in a dynamics that offers to the new historians sources and perceptions of the past that are transmitted by this new media contemporary. The economic factor is determinative in the question of the miditica production, what it makes with that has a monopoly of institutions that control this miditico market and have the power to also control the production of the information thus modifying the social scenes causing a tension between the industrial, social and the cultural one.