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The Economic Crisis

With the emerging crisis of enormous desire retraining in many executives and company directors and financial. This indicates the increase in enrollment in master of business management courses and similar specialties in Europe. As if they accepted they were not quite prepared. But do not fall that short. We still have to see them recognize the incompetence and corporate and financial irresponsibility, key factor in generating the crisis, in addition to the obscene and unbridled greed foul play. In Spain, and other payments from the old Europe, resulting in unemployment crisis. Next, the entrepreneurial class and calls on governments financial flexibility in the labor market as the best answer to unemployment.

We fear that in other continents as you breathe. Flexibility is a euphemism for an old dream business: free dismissal, wage freeze and other social checkouts. Combat unemployment, destroying jobs. The truth is that there has been incompetence, gross incompetence and ineptitude in broad sectors of business and global financial. More grave irresponsibility. Those AIG executives celebrate the company’s multi-billion-dollar bailout of federal money from a weekend in full swing on a sunny Californian super luxury hotel which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars! Luxury, extravagance and inability to characterize much of financiers and entrepreneurs. But the financial and business class repeats request salary reductions, layoffs free … as infallible recipe. If we look at the background (with reference to Spain as the archetype of the crisis), financial and business class should look at the beam in our own eye and not the speck in others.