The Second War

In order to make a comparison previous investigations they demonstrated that the percentage that suffers of the syndrome after a labor accident reaches to a 6%; and a 7% in the group that faced natural disasters. Un33% suffer of ASD after been to have exposed to a shooting. Another goal of the investigation consisted of comparing like both populations – as much Jewish as Arab, they bore the trauma of the war. This last investigation one knows that the Arab inhabitants of the north of the country had higher traumatic symptoms 20,3%, (4 times greater compared with the Jewish inhabitants). ” One of the explanations that can be given on the matter is that the Jewish citizen who was exhibited in the last years to the Intifada and the terrorist attacks became harder from character to the traumatic events. Others of the reasons are that great part of the Jewish population in Israel realises the obligatory military service, or battle or and for that reason they are not exposed to situations difficult to take, they prepare that them throughout his life that is to say to bear the facts traumticos” the investigators expressed..