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Ukraines Economy

The Stock sector of our economy is in quite an unusual equilibrium, which results in the experts having ambiguous conclusions. Like, obviously there is a slight disinhibition (the great at this time talk soon) auctions, including the presence of foreign investors. But at the same time, the economy of Ukraine does not feel on such a motion is almost the slightest impact. Specialists compare the present strange case with much of the influence of Russian citizens who have de facto influence on this part of the country’s economy, it’s less than half. At least, the most important market area. In the Russian interest in staying with precious metals and direct banking institutions (“Alfa Capital”, “Renaissance Capital”). Talking about the rise of this part of the country’s economy to the level before the recent crisis has not yet what hastily, and it is impossible.

In fact, according to most experts, the economy of the country three future years may feel the next tidal wave of recession. Unfortunately, coming up is probably difficult for our State times. By tradition, the difficult years of all walks of life strive to put their money into such valuable things which retain their value at all times, or at least very soon recreate it. There are no more reliable method for this than precious metals. Despite the fact that gold and can not be sold as fast as the FCC’s most developed states of the world, investing money in it seem a lot less risky. Except investors who invest their money to income, a large proportion of people in the country wants to move to an increase in small sums of money, and best of all without any losses from the recession. By tradition, the most popular way for that there will be bank deposits.

It can now be guaranteed to assert that the increase in the volume of deposits – is performed primarily among commercial banks. The people are well gives to commercial banks own money to invest it for a deposit. Clearly seen that our hryvnia has a growing priority for our nation – Deposits in foreign currencies falls nearly 3 times less. At the moment, the people has preference for opportunities to put finances on a long bank deposit, because the profitability of short all the time is reduced. Yes, and strengthening the economy in general and strong Ukrainian hryvnia, including this very. At the same time get a loan for the majority of members of the population of our country is still quite a long time to be a very complex exercise. Let the majority of banking institutions now significantly lower rates on loans, the ability to borrow still too limited for a significant portion of our people. While lending for consumer needs and the use of plastic cards again powerfully developed. It is noteworthy that, as before, the dominant players of the financial sphere are sovereign banking institutions and from non-significant, ie banks, the degree of influence which has an adequate amount. Here and there goes most of the Ukrainians, with the goal to put the contribution or a loan.