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United Arab Emirates

The moratorium of payment requested by Dubai, a debt that sustains its economy Center; Dubai World, has captured the attention of the world economy promoting internationally a closing financial markets downward; where are European and Asian countries those that have most suffered this coup so far, since activities were suspended in the United States. Dubai which in recent years has become one of the world centres with greater economic heyday, of great attraction for foreign capital from different origins, has been victim of the crisis affecting the global economy recently requesting a new term to cover the 59 billion dollars arrears and that should pay off in the next month. It is difficult to assimilate and understand as a country, in this case the United Arab Emirates, so powerful, with a high per capita income, a high level of life, excellent producer and exporter of oil, with the economic zone of greater growth and current economic importance; He is declared with insufficient funds. It is true that in this world so globalized, all depend on others and even more powers which are responsible for sustaining the global economy, where Dubai already appeared as a new Member and appeared as a strong and secure market despite the crisis, fact that generated the arrival of more investors. After everything one might question the new globalized world regime, which has been shown mainly in the economic field with unbeatable advantages, but recently the effects negative have come to light; first of all the crisis that hit the United States as a great power economic consequences were also reflected in the international market. Today is the turn of Dubai, unless already put on alert to different countries in the world generating red figures and could worsen in the coming days. Mexico, although is not a country with a very close relationship with the Emirates, not exempt of suffer any economic impact, as soon as it was reflected in the falling weight against the dollar and we must still wait and see how the neighbour, who if we depend on and according to what happened in the previous crisis, any negative or unfavorable result drags us along with him.