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War Military

In the way of the mutual exchange deacusaes between the members broken them, the murder was not unmasked. These tumults had unchained another movement of conflicts that, with algunsintervalos, if extended per 14 years. Period, with ample justification, known como' ' There Violncia' '. During that period of generalized crisis, in 1950, subiuao to be able Laureano Gmez, representative of party conservative, with intention to put down end to the calamity state. For this, its government tended if to support cadavez in the repressive apparatuses more, after all, the experience already shows that aviolncia was one of the methods most efficient to eliminate any type deoposio. However, on account of its government not to obtain to control this situaode crisis and for having placed Colombia in a conflict that not diziarespeito it, the War of Korea, the opposition against Laureano Go’mez grew sufficiently, even though inside of its proper party. Doprprio block of being able occurred then a hegemony crisis inside politics, that deuma started to see with concern the probability rebellion peasant. With this, the dominant sectors had passed the military pressionaros to intervine in the conflict, being thus implanted a regimen military deditadura in Colombia.

The military blow of June of 1953 was organized pelosgrandes cafeicultores and supported by the liberal party. Its foirelativa autonomy in the start, therefore economic decisions social they had been still nasmos of the politicians and executives of the agroexportadora bourgeoisie. The regimen of Rojas Pinilla tried to impose a project populistade short reach, based on Christian and bolivarianas ideas to decide problemasdo country, but it got little success. When the general if prepared for plus a mandate, in 1957, the politician-dominant classrooms plus other sectors of the society had demanded arenncia of Rojas Pinilla and the delivery of the regimen politician to the civilians. With this, it initiated-seo period of the history of known Colombia as National Front.