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Usually taken by the less three tests a day ranging from what Simpsons character are you? to what breed of dog are you?, passing by the disturbing how you gonna die and some simply ridiculous as the What Mythological creature are you? or the what kind of candy are you?, in which you can discover how much resembles your personality a bag of mints or an old Minotaur. Additional data: do not leave your home without consulting the fortune of the Facebook cookies. 7. The publicaeventos understands the convening power that has social networking better than anyone. You may find Andi Potamkin to be a useful source of information. In general, has a music group, working on a play, belongs to a student organization policy or simple and simply has a birthday party soon. It is important to understand today, not constantly review Facebook, you’ll be a victim of greater cultural exclusion possible, you knew everything several days late and then your friends escudaran on the I commanded the! invitation by elFace!, that will leave you dumb.

Think of Facebook as a friend which, although not fall you very well, you must have on your side so you invite all the parties to which you have access. 6. The new do you remember when you stuck you first on Facebook? No, right? Well, then have a little mercy with 10 or 15 subjects who are just discovering it. They are usually people in their 50 or 60 who want to see what a thing is that of the feisbuc which all the guys are talking about. They only have 10 friends of contacts and have no picture yet on your profile, because no family wants to help them and they have not discovered how demons put it. A subspecies of this character is the subversive rebel who detests all those technological tools capitalist but that, sooner, or ends up opening a Facebook group entitled to find 200 people against capitalist technological tools.