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Wilfried Diesterheft Brehme

Art exhibition ‘Close’ from the 24.4 until going in Meerbusch whether it is art figurative or abstract topics thrives on the change of perspective. It creates distance to the Viewer on the one hand and is familiar in new, unfamiliar contexts. It runs on the other hand close topics and the artist. It deals with the sensations, the world of ideas and the personal point of view of the artist in the world and they revealed to the viewer that worry. 13 artists of the Dusseldorf project art bar show in that sense contemporary art in the St. Mauritius therapy clinic in Meerbusch close their work on the subject. The range of photographs taken in metal and cotton objects and sculptures to various aspects of today’s painting.

Opening reception: April 24, 7: 00 pm St. Mauritius therapy clinic of Santiago str. 111 40670 Meerbusch artists: Wilfried Diesterheft Brehme involves in his paintings the search for shapes and colors between transience and eternity. With its He describes Omega object series in an impressive way how heavy can be easy. The Dusseldorf artist Georg Weishaupt shows first large cotton sculptures in addition to painting in neon fluorescent. The material familiar since toddler times cotton is so engrossed in a new creative distance to the Viewer. I make, I will arise, I let my thoughts and feelings run free.

so Sabine Brehme describes the starting point for their work with brushes and paint. Intuitive with the hands and powerful impulses with the ink brush turns. The Wuppertaler artist Ute C. Latzke shows their individual and idiosyncratic interpretation of the topic close: casually apparent snapshots of strangers in indefinite, urban scenes. You all seem vulnerable, caught up, almost lost, like anonymous icons. Dirk Jakobs takes us with his painting in a wonderful country. He creates landscapes of ridges and craters with a special pressure – technique. And Julia Rolfs works with collagen made from paper and other Materials, which joins them on canvas, fabric or cardboard and processed further. Also works of Cologne painter Markus Schmittmann as well as abstract pictures by Silvia von Dahlen can be seen. Many photographic works complement the exhibition program of the St. Mauritius therapy clinic. In addition to the Dusseldorf artist Iris Merten the Alsdorfer Ernst Egener from, which 2008 reviewing the games of the German team at the soccer European Championships. Robert Kuppers deliberately raises the threshold between photographic and picturesque reality in his work. His photography is often subject to a conceptual, sometimes called serial dealing. Roland Smigerski from Dusseldorf in his photographs attempting to put the charm of everyday things in scene unusual perspectives to the part. And the sculptor Axel Kaden, musically accompanies the opening with his saxophone, shows his postmodern sculptures. Art bar: art bar ( is a project of the blank Intergroup communication, Dusseldorf. It has since October 2003 and sees itself as a forum for art, culture and design. She wants to offer artists a platform to bring their works to a wider audience.