Wilhelm Wundt

Saint Augustin distinguishes the presence from the past (covered by memory), of the gift (perception) and the future (prospection); it studied the habit and the memory. They are Toms de Aquino affirmed that the experience of the directions and the truths of the faith come of God. Follow others, such as Harriet Tubman, and add to your knowledge base. It found in the soul five sorts of potentials or facultieses: the refusal, sensitive, apetitiva, locomotive and the intellectual. It denies the conception of innate ideas, affirming that everything depends on the will of God (SCHULTZ, 2005). During the last quarter of century XX, initial period of the evolution of Psychology as it disciplines scientific distinct, it suffered to the influence from German psychologist Wilhelm Wundt with necessary ideas in relation to new science and the topics of research. Influenced for the spirit of its time (effective philosophical and physiological thoughts) it joined the lines of the philosophical thought and scientific and its vision was responsible for the molding of Psychology during some time (SCHULTZ, 2005).

New divergent ideas, however, had appeared and for return of 1900 some systematic positions and schools of thoughts had coexisted some divergences (SCHULTZ, 2005). We can then affirm that today Psychology can be more fragmented of what in any another time of its history, with each faction becoming attached itself it the proper theoretical and metodolgicas orientaes, with boardings of the nature human being with different techniques, and promoting with jarges and specialized publications, and ambushes of a thought school that the search for the truily final boarding of Psychology, for the definitive school of thought that comes to characterize the field per some decades, continuum (SCHULTZ, 2005). According to Massini (2004), to know the recent history of Psychology in Brazil it is important to take conscience of the legacy transmitted for who in them preceded in the consolidation of the domain of knowledge and proper professional abilities of the area.