Women Gebarende

The brain will always have a Happy ending. The brain thinks analytically (digital, masculine). The brain wants security. The brain will always a reason (cause, Europe) or a purpose (aim, Asia). As you know, I think as a vitalist Systemiker, in contrast to the mechanistic Cyberneticians. That is why I see the relationship between human individuals and the Menschhei t (part and whole) systemically.

I differentiate the types of people into masculine and feminine (rather than only male or female). The women are expected to more of the analog brain activity and the men of more digital. Women have testosterone (male hormone, according to the ovulation) up to 40% and up to 40% men estrogen (female hormone). I see the biological tasks between men and women in the conservation and the self-preservation. In more recent times sex and gender role is no longer equated in sociological and psychological circles increasingly, to distinguish the culturally and socially prescribed gender roles from the biological conditions. The best known standard for cultural gender roles should the heteronormative or patriarchal be, which is in the West since the beginning of the last century increasingly questioned and modified.

“The traditional” accused of role reversal, it implies the assertion that there are natural “and strictly separate gender roles, the male and the female, which are automatically written to men and women. “” These gender roles are essentially: men producer head and nourisher of wife and family responsible for contacts outside stark, rational, combative, sexually active men than women or purveyors “hardly proven hunters” Women Gebarende dependent and subjected to a male protector (father, husband, etc.) “Responsible for the social ties within the partnership and family weak, emotional and irrational, balancing, sexually passive or disinterested women than on hunters’ breeding purveyors assigned to” gender order is the dimension of social order. in the social mapping takes place according to gender or is completed.