Month: February 2019

Cultural History

The theory of the evolution, therefore, nor is completely scientific as, for example, the Physics, nor not scientific as the Histria.' ' Still complete, ' ' Nothing more clearly! To learn, thus, that for certain natural scientists, and over all for certain chains of the Philosophy of science, as in the case the Neopositivismo, History…

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Southeast Asia

Any military operation against the Wa army could result in a protracted and bloody civil war. Although the UWSA has the freedom to produce and drug smuggling, Southeast Asia remains awash with opium, heroin and amphetamines. The explosion of amphetamines, particularly the threat of destabilizing the region economically and military. Myanmar produces around 800 million…

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Timanfaya National Park

Over the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands welcomes US with beautiful volcanic scenery and its incredible biodiversity. Taking into account the large amount of vacation offers that are available to travel to this magnificent place, is an excellent idea to make a trip to these beaches of tropical climate and overflowing nature. Concern for conserving…

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