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Nations Joined Morocco

Any litigation that if draws out moves with the conscience After saying on the paralyzation state tax for Algeria against the entire region of the Arab Magrebe, Mr. Loulichki considered that ‘ ‘ any regional conflict cannot last in such a way thus, mainly when to deal with the weight of the humanitarian cost. A…

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Mato Grosso

The State of the Tapajs will have as neighboring: Par, Mato Grosso, Carajs, Amap, Amaznia and Roraima, will have 27 cities and the equatorial climate. We conclude that this idea of division already appeared has much time, and that she will be accepted for the population, we will go to grow greatly, therefore the government…

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Seting Hawk

In Spain, one war of the same nature lasted three years more than, with pesadssimas losses human beings and materials, of both the sides. The Brazilian Communists and colleges student, these, anxious for entering in History as defenders of a cause, for they, joust and human being, had hurried themselves in classifying the Revolution of…

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Minimum Wage

The Aid-accident is the paid benefit to the worker who suffers an accident and is with sequelas that they reduce its capacity of work. To have right to the aid-accident it is necessary that the victim possesss condition of insured for the Social welfare, and, that is diligent employee, doubtful worker or special insurer. Contact…

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Federal Government

The region of the Tapajs always was remembered, therefore daqui, many wealth had been taken, an example is the mineral extration and the lumber extration. Today we are more than defenders of the environment, several of our areas are very well preserved. The possibilities of terms a future better after this division are innumerable: we…

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