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Digital Marketing

With the intensive use of the Internet and the sprouting of the social medias the scene of the communication gained significant peculiarities and changes. These changes come if affirming in the behavior of the people when having access information in day-by-day. A done research recently shows to the increasing reduction of the periodical sales printed…

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Cognitiva Psychology

The idea of the economic one, in Aristotle, is enrolled all in one Let us remember the famous definition of Man who Aristotle bequeathed in them, definition of which generally holds back only the part that if it relates to the Man as animal politician (zoon politikon) while Aristotle effectively said, of more necessary form,…

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(Law N. 5,172, of 25 of October of 1966). To become an analysis of this definition, it is necessary to desmembrar it nas following expressions of obligatory disbursment, currency, sanction, intuition in law and collection. ) Obligatory disbursment As Axe (1995, P. 24), this expression must be understood as the object of the legal, consistent…

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