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Growth Is The Key For The Coming Year

The bamboo-code as a strategic method is at the pulse of time Lindau the growth required by the new Federal Government by companies to overcome the crisis is currently on everyone’s lips. Christian Kalkbrenner, management consultant and growth expert from Lindau (B) has already before the start of the crisis a strategic process, the bamboo-code “designed systematically can grow with the company.” The new Federal Government has described its coalition agreement as one of the main objectives for the new legislative period growth. It was “the right policy”, because “only by growth” will you “from the Valley of the crisis, crawl out” can, so Merkel. More decisively, to promote this growth in companies, companies need a strategy. “Every entrepreneur knows that growth not by comes alone, but that one must actively do something to conquer new markets and new customers”, says lime burner, which specializes for more than 15 years, to advise companies on growth issues.

He has therefore to promote the Growth a new procedure, the bamboo-code “developed, the systematic way shows how a company can grow faster. It consists of seven codes, of which each one points to a walk-in path for more growth. Ranging from determining the strengths of the company to the detection of obstacles that could inhibit the growth of the company is thoroughly illuminated. This creates a new market approach, which shows a way with the help of detailed activity plans, how the company can grow faster. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Discovery Communications. The procedure has passed its trial by fire in the crisis year and already proven their worth in numerous companies”Kalkbrenner one and a half years after the introduction of the bamboo – code. The procedure has been classified by the Federal Ministry of technology and economics as worthy and is subsidized by federal and State Governments. The seven codes: Strengthen strengths: What strengths does the company? How can it use them for sales argumentation? The road to the market leader: Who perform to act like a leader discovered a wealth of new opportunities that can be promptly implemented immediately.

Zooming: Tight markets, intense price competition. People such as Walt Disney would likely agree. With zooming, the market will be increased. Growth turbos: A growth-Turbo organizations accelerate the growth path. You stage the company attractive to the outside and stand out from the competition. Guerrilla growth paths: amazingly simple way new shops in the conversation between the corporate arms can be boosted. The guerrilla growth paths work according to the principle of little lever, big impact”. “Sales re-engineering: seven new instruments facilitate the sale the work, including the smarter sale way”, which makes the unloved new customer acquisition at a pleasantly feasible task. Truffle pig marketing: The way out of the crisis is obstacles. The more sensitive and earlier the possible obstacles (such as truffles) are perceived and eliminated, the faster that will be Target achieved.