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Latin America

The exchange of ideas serves to enrich each other, who does understand and accept that, has a world of possibilities against itself. LM:no, surely not. All ideas of Diego would not and perhaps turn the potential of some of the mine either. What is the most difficult part of working as director of ROVE?DC: Honestly I can’t find a topic that is difficult in terms of the daily work. In truth there are issues that take more work than others and of course there are certain tasks that I like more than others, but in general I’m happy. LM: I guess that, as in any business, decide once things don’t go well.

We are a company that is newborn, we still have much to do. And the funniest? DC: One of the tasks that I like and do it for pure personal indulgence, is investigating the market all the time, investigate trends in internet, read articles, learn new things all the time. I like to search the internet all you ROVE can leverage to continue to innovate. I enjoy editing from an interview with a project of the publishing house, I like to ensure the editorial process, although there are stadiums within the process that I feel more comfortable than others, I enjoy having an idea and see it then captured time in the reality. LM: Celebrate once things do go well. Assuming that business is complicated and you should certainly go ROVE, you’d have some other work or income would you try to follow in the literary world? DC: ROVE is a strong bet for us, honestly I do not see in the short term looking for other alternatives outside of the editorial line. Of course in regards to my personal ambitions, I want to follow in the literary field, always from the point of view of editorial projects, departing from the classical line, not because I believe having something bad publishers of the 20th century, but because I like to innovate and the 21st century seems to have enough to break with old beliefs. LM: It would continue as a writer, then as a painter or cartoonist, and if these two things failed, despacharia naphtha at a service station.

I’ve noticed that it is only possible to publish e-book do you think as possible in the future to publish in paper? DC: Yes, it is part of our project that takes more than one year and a half of life. LM: Yes, absolutely. The paper is our priority, although it may not seem so now. Only that today the only way we have of achieving any writer to publish their works for free and with total freedom is through what is electronic. Several authors (Spanish, Argentine and Latin America) approached us their texts to evaluate them and edit them on paper. Our work philosophy speaks of self-publishing on our site of the internet and our physical publication cost, not we are interested in the model from publishers where you must pay certain amount to see published his texts, the idea is to have a mix between free digital publications and physical publications pay (libraries and classic marketing channels). We are working on several projects that still need a couple of months to make reality greetings to all your readers. Original author and source of the article.