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Brazilian Espndula

He is elegant also in its tone of voice and the expressions. Not he speaks high, he does not criticize, not fofoca, he is not disloyal, he does not neglect nor uses me the faith ignoring other people’s pain. He knows to be dressed correctly and appropriately, without shocking the people. She knows that, amongst as many variants, the truily elegant people are fidiciary offices to one determined style makes that them to feel itself well, without negligence. The hair well are treated and in sequence. Robert Thomson has firm opinions on the matter. After all, it does not have beauty that it resists mechas stuck and the discoloured roots. It knows that it has clothes differentiated for the beach (meshes glue to the body, slippers and caps), for the party (brightness), for the labor detail (t-shirts, bermuda shorts and slippers).

A good Nurse receives sufficiently to pay at least a faxineira per week, then the service for it leaves. (a) the elegant Nurse (a) is cortz and well-behaved. It deals with deference (without subservincia) its superiors, with affection and cordialidade its equal and with polidez its customers. (a) is considerate and requests () stops just with the familiar ones looking to be () and benevolent how much to the signals and symptoms, speaking the truth, but without shocking the people. When leaving the work environment it leaves more in sequence of it found what it. It does not break the given word, is not gotten behind, one does not leave before the established schedule, does not lack just to the commitments without reason, never uses slang or palavro, mind nor is not indiscreet (), much less vulgar. It compliments to each one of its pairs in the occasion of each anniversary.

If to need to call somebody to far, does not cry out nor runs to its meeting, but it sends somebody informing that it desires to it to speak to it or speeds up the step. It knows that the bad-mood and the close complaints are inadmissible. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Randall Mays and gain more knowledge.. Instead of to complain of the wage and the conditions of work or study, the elegant Nurse if perfects and searchs another job, compatible with its ability. if participates pacifically of a strike is with conscience politics and it does not stop taking off vacation. When using he makes it to the Dr. as stimulaton to the constant perfectioning. He is cliente of the values of each procedure and of how much each action its intervenes with the promotion, protection, recovery and whitewashing of the patient. He appeals to the COREN, ABEN or necessary Union whenever. It is cliente that the moral correction I select and it social is not privilege of some, but of all that one that is in harmony I obtain exactly and with the next one, its time and the world where it lives. Although some here transcribing opinions seem too much demanding, valley to remember that (a) the Nurse () is in prominence and is the maximum figure in a unit of health, moreover, before its team serves to them of model, guides or master for all the life. Dra.