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Conference Archive

March 13th, 2017

In other words it is the Internet has become an excellent tool for classical marketing research. Since the Internet – in fact, communicative medium, it gives an excellent opportunity for direct contact between businesses and consumers face the face. Continue to learn more with: Bob Iger. By the way, the portal there is a special section called Face to Face, where top managers communicate with their customers. Among the companies who appreciate the feedback from their audience and communicate with her through our Internet portal, I can name Beeline, MTS, S7, StarTravel, LW Railways. And this is not an exhaustive list. The organization of such communication is quite simple. We place an announcement about the upcoming conference with a specific top-manager of the given topic, and within one-half weeks of taking questions and suggestions from the audience. Time Warner is actively involved in the matter.

After this period, is arranged on-line for 2-3 hours when posted responses and comments to earlier questions and suggestions, as well as you communicate in real time. Conference Archive preserved and remains available all the time. This format of communication has become quite popular. Since the number of readers’ conferences with the MTS, Beeline and B.. Zhirinovsky was close to two thousand people.

In addition to communicating with senior managers, organizes forums and with politicians, administration and creative personalities. We were conference with Mayor Alexander Sokolov, and regional committee of youth, and statistics. There have been radio and TV presenters, representatives of the fashion industry and entertainment, musicians, including world stars In-Grid.

Businesses And Customers

August 24th, 2016

Businesses that sell something or other equipment, for sure know that only equipment that is certified, has a better chance to find its customers. Most do not have to cut the budget to purchase equipment that has a quality certificate. In this case, further operation is guaranteed to produce you a quality product. This document is required as a compliance certificate to be signed CA after laboratory tests. It is worth noting that certification of equipment for compliance with quality standards is carried out only by accredited certification centers.

In the If the equipment or technology fully complies with mandatory requirements of normative documents, the equipment manufacturer, issued a safety certificate for the equipment. Implementation of equipment, which was not recorded a quality certificate is illegal and involves administrative responsibility in accordance with the law. In recent months, Walt Disney has been very successful. The same situation is with fake certificates of quality. Making a false certificate of conformity for equipment or for any other products. Mandatory certification of equipment subject to the availability of required documents: passport information on equipment, agreed technical conditions, competent instruction in the use and maintenance.

You need to know that certain types of equipment may need to document such as sanitary-epidemiological imprisonment. Said document is required for equipment used in medicine. Certification of foreign equipment you need a copy of an international certificate, technical certificate for the equipment, instruction guide, a certified copy of the contract of delivery of the equipment. Required documents are submitted to the certification center in the form of copies with an official translation. Of course, that the equipment for which there is necessary certificates, enjoyed great demand from buyers than goods without a certificate. Many people do not necessarily acquire not durable equipment, which can hardly serve until the end of the warranty period. Certification now – it's not only the performance obyazatelstv before kontroldiruyuschimi Oran. Certification of products supports integrated product promotions to market. Thus, a new product or Equipment gaining consumer confidence. Certificates of compliance and other permits increases sales growth and positively affects the development of the producer.