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Private Providence

February 12th, 2017

But the usineiros had invoiced high with the loans of the federal government. Money of the people loaned for millionaire who never will go to pay. – It accurately has a rain of processes in the Courts if dragging per decades because the insuring ones already they present deficit has years. They are denying the payment of the insurances and the Courts are supporting pra to postpone the generalized quebradeira. The insuring ones are descapitalizadas and it does not have forecast of improvements.- This without entering in the details of that the Insuring Europeans had suspended renova! otodos the insurances of the next situated property to the sea and that the Diarinho Periodical published that during a Evanglico Congress in the South Bar in Cambori Health-resort in the end of 2008 some building they had trembled because it had much people in the beach. the beach was weighed excessively. Read more here: Cyrus Massoumi. Of pra to trust? It counts another one that this I find that it did not glue. What such to make an analysis to see if the sea could have adentrado in the subsoil of some cities of the Brazilian coast and in some time to swallow these cities for some cenrtenas of meters under of the water, provoking a gigantic wave that would sweep the south coast of Brazil? – Well, I do not forget, I am not saying this.

Perhaps if Nostradamus prophet was this way, said this in its centrias, messrias or dirias.2- Nationalization of the Private Providences: – The Federal Government intends to increase for 480 Reals the minimum wage in March. Where it turns the money? – A trigger in the INSS will be created, that is, as it increases the minimum wage will also increase the benefits of who earns more than this value ties the ceiling and goes to lack money. Of where it will come what it lacks? It does not need to be I guess nor Nostradamus to discover, right? – The support to the government comes exactly of who does not have headings of Private Providence and a nationalization would leave only one small parcel of the unsatisfied population.- With the money of this nationalization the balances of the government would increase, would have more benefits for the 80 percent apiam that it and the popularity of the government would go up more than for astronomical 90 percent.

Chilean Agreements

January 21st, 2017

Without establishing criteria as this, certainly the developed countries more of the block, where it weighs to be benefited of the magnifying of a consumption market and to have a bigger volume of commercialization of its products, certainly will have that to help to decide internal problems of some countries members whose internal economy does not walk well, as the film today in poster in the zone of euro. A little of conservadorismo does not make badly to nobody, seno let us see the Britain Supreme that kept its currency and it did not open its borders. That these examples can intensely be evaluated by the countries of the Mercosul, especially Brazil. Oxal the Mercosul, that comes back and stocking lives tariff and customs upheavals between its bigger partners, does not finish for bringing problems of ones to be cured or supported for the others. Click Discovery Communications to learn more. The important one and to be trader, to be trader, as the Chile that is the country that the biggest number of international commercial agreements withholds. In a simple product, the wine, we can evaluate the capacity of Chile to extend markets stops its products.

In any Brazilian supermarket or of another country it is simply common to find a diversity of Chilean wines. This does not happen by chance, but it is the result of commercial agreements and of tariff agreements of way of double hand, I buy the products of its country and its country purchase products of mine, that is, is the politics gains of it earns, I earns, you earn and thus they gain all. One concludes then that optimum exactly it is the creation of commercial agreements that favor interchange it advertising, each one vende to the other what it produces more or with more ability and buys of the other partner what it needs and that there and produced with more rationality. What we cannot make, with common market or not, and allow that the economic agents of a country promote the creation and generation of jobs and companies in another country, as we have observed in great economies that produce tip products, symbols of its development, in other economies that, emergent and long ago now giant impose its whims to the entire world.

Metropolitan Region

January 20th, 2017

It is necessary then to weigh the positive and negative points and to wait for future changes. Automobile sector In relation to the perspectives for production of vehicles, Brazil is if expanding, with an excellent growth of 10%, being folloied for two countries, India and China, that are identified by the minister of Development, Industrial and Deals Exterior as the only ones that they will go to be distinguished with the crisis in the United States and the Europe. The automobile sector, together with the one of civil construction is precious for the national economic support. Also the companies multinationals that if they had installed in Brazil, as the GM of Brazil FOOT, pass for a moment very productive, ratifying plus a positive point of the country, as reaction the crisis. The paraense automobile market suffers with world-wide the financial crisis, according to peddlers of cars of the Region Metropolitan of Belm. With falls of up to 70% in the commercialization of used vehicles and 8% in the new vehicles. Although still it presents growth in the 24% invoicing, that to buy itself with 40% in relation to the passed year, is not a very considerable index. The reason does not differ from high interests and restriction of credit on the part of the banks.

The markdowns are practically obligator to concur in the market, for those that buy at sight, an car that cost R$48 a thousand today is leaving for R$ 45 a thousand. Nourishing sector This sector could be evaluated by some parameters, in relation to commodities, the supermercadistas, to the wholesalers, amongst others. In relation to the market of the supermarkets crisis is being contained and the prices are controlled, what not yet it reaches the consumers, this positive scene must it the supplies supplied with it finish trimester and to the purchases carried through in the long run, what it does not assure the instability of the sector. It also helps to the retraction in the price of commodities agriculturists.

Post Cold War

January 18th, 2017

05/02/1991 In the reform of our collaboration was published, entitled "Return of the EI home." This development not only aims at deepening the same direction as that. We are not tired of reiterating in collaborations in this way that the world and the country undergoing rapid, profound and traumatic transit from a state of affairs to another state of affairs. No one can say with certainty whether the stage where we are going to be better than the current or past. Walt Disney is open to suggestions. But the traffic appears as inexorable and if it can be said to be different. Of course, the vast majority of people is compelled to face this future with the wealth of life experiences that they and their immediate predecessors have accumulated in the past. More perogrullesco may seem, the world of yesterday is different today's world, and the temporal distance is twenty or thirty years ago, but no more than five years. Click David Zaslav for additional related pages. It is in this traumatic interregnum, which reinforces the sense of social responsibility of scholars, in the sense of trying to understand how it can be the new state of affairs to which we march inexorably, and disseminate these studies so that more people possible to properly process their individual and family problems. "They agree that the world today is marked by two characteristics: structural adjustment and the" Post Cold War. " Structural adjustment means, the package of privatization, deregulation and monopolization designed to give full effect to the market and competition as allocators of resources. Frequently David Zaslav has said that publicly.

State Increase

January 18th, 2017

This index is divided in three sub-indices: quality of external insertion, quality of the welfare and quality of the growth. Jeffrey L. Bewkes may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The first one and third is below of what it can be considered adjusted. But the quality of the welfare is considered good. Thus, the quality of our development has that to improve significantly to reach one better standard of living. Improvements in the economic relations with the exterior must be implemented, in the investments in capitals physical and human, to increase the productivity of the work, to take care of more good of the ambient questions, to increase the aggregate value of the products and exported services, to raise the prices of the products and services exported in relation to the prices of the products and imported services, to increase the formalizao of the economy, to continue more firmly with the politics of incorporation of the very poor population to the society of I consume, with mechanisms that they take these people not to depend on the State for getting its incomes, among others action. The economy and its fruits cannot be interpreted as something that must only be directed for ones and others they are left of had been.

Not, the fruits of the economy must serve for the population of the country. This must be made by means of the chance equality. The people must have chance to get the incomes necessary to usufruct what the economy offers and have taken care of its necessities. The vision of our governing must is focada in the gift to take care of the urgent demands, but, at the same time, it must also is focada in actions that lead to the increase of the quality of the economic development of the city, the state and the country. The purpose of all the efforts to generate resources and wealth must be the citizen.

The Situation

January 17th, 2017

C' est ce that montre sans ambigut le comportement pass DES marchs. Pour l' essentiel, stratgie consists alors to arbitrer there les deux titres: vendre le titre dont le cours est lev, to acheter celui dont le cours est bas et attendre that l' cart of taux if rsorbe. Or, dans cette priode, contre toute attente, les craintes DES investisseurs ne faiblissent shovels et l' cart of taux ne ceases crotre! Ce qui tait inimaginable if produit. There position of LTCM est d' autant plus dlicate that ce fonds, comme tous les fonds spculatifs, opre principalement avec DES capitaux emprunts aux you bank. Il connat DES pertes et, dans le mme temps, les you demand of remboursement of ses cranciers commencent to if faire to feel. Vain cell le conduire to joins quasi-faillite.

Comme on le voit, there question du temps est ici primordiale: itself ce contrarian choue, c' est parce that le temps of retour to l' beaucoup balances normal t plus long that prvu. Toute spculation rate or russie est toujours joins question of ' timing'. Il faut to anticiper les croyances to venir du march, more ne shovels tre trop en advances. Itself LTCM avait pu attendre plus longtemps, il aurait russi sound I give birth, more, comme le disait Keynes, ' ' dans le long terme, nous sommes tous morts.' ' Pour reprendre le mot d' un professionnel; ' ' Les marchs peuvent to rester illogiques bien plus longtemps that nous ne sommes capables of rester solvables.' ' (grifo, boldface and capital ours). In summary, below, we disponibilizamos in Portuguese language, the part in prominence of the block above, as it is followed: …

Such anomaly cannot last much time. … Fica clearly that one is about an accident and that the situation must necessarily return one day or another one to the normal one. It is what it shows clearly the last behavior of the markets.

Kalecki Productive

January 16th, 2017

In this direction, the questions related to the structural changes of the economic activities and the process of determination of the income, as well as the trends between periods are contemplated in the objective of the theory of the economic dynamics of Kalecki (1983). Therefore, the dynamics mentioned this related with the concept of variation here and the identification of trends in the economic activities, the level of the formal job and in the variation of income in each sector, three different moments (1995; 2000 and 2005). By the same author: David Zaslav. The construction and analysis of the comparison attributes that indicate perspectives on the dynamics of the productive structure of the cities of the State are the objective of the section seguinte.5.5.2 ConsolidadEntendido Analysis the definition of the dynamics of the adopted productive structure in the project, the methodology present as first criterion, an aggregate analysis of the activities searching to identify to trends of long stated period detaching the details of each one of the esteem indices. The pointers considered in this methodology iram to compose, in accordance with its variants, instances of classification combining the composition of four quadrants in accordance with the 0 variable: local specialization, economic attractiveness and significant relative participation. The consolidated analysis evaluates of aggregate form what the changes in the composition of the productive structures of

North Americans

January 11th, 2017

It cannot discard that it, like his Caribbean antipodal Balaguer, arrives at noventas in the power (although now does I castrate it without having its main positions). The Castro ones are boasted of that his leader has resisted 638 attempts of the company to assassinate it and that he also will resist one more decade in palace. Certainly that for the USA the regime of Castro is an eternal headache. The republican strategy is the one of the confrontation and that has implied the approval of a new game of bottoms to develop its fall. Possibly a new democratic administration (if it occurred) could look for a reconciliation with Fidel. After all Washington allowed that Japanese emperor Fixed Hiro stays in the power in spite of to have led to the Japanese empire attacking million North Americans.

Certainly, the monarch of the rising Sun accepted an unconditional surrender and to appear like symbol without major to be able that let to the USA reconstruct its country, something that Fidel would not accept. Obama has raised the possibility of meeting directly I castrate with them or even to stop the blockade and to restore embassies although this last one it would depend on concessions of Havana. Some sectors in the USA look for a wing Gorbachov in the Cuban PC and think that Raul I castrate could lay such way. Nevertheless, the form in which Fidel has designated to his brother as his first successor is something that remembers a North Korea where Kim Il Sung was the first communist leader in leaving the power to somebody of its family (to its inheriting son). For many these it seems a monarchy or red dynasty and therefore a contradiction with the Comunism that announces the disappearance of privileges, inheritances and classes. For liberal it is a sample of the hypocrisy of the Comunism and for the most orthodox Marxists it is a sample that the castrismo is bureaucratised.

Syndical Relations

January 6th, 2017

The symptoms of the illness had appeared in 2009. At the time, we guide the employee how much to the treatment and the necessity of removal, also to plead acidentrio benefit next to the INSS. It occurs that, as is normal in the case, the friend preferred not to expose itself, was from fear a possible resignation and to suffer persecution in the environment from work. However, after the treatment the worker did not get improvement. Also had to the frantic work and the continuous exposition to the risk factors. Fact that only made to get worse its clinical and professional situation, has seen its decline of production due to illness. After the resignation, one more time we guide Jaqueline to search its rights.

It got certified medical finding with the license of the work and the diagnosis of all the treatment made since 2009. With this in hands, was directed it the unit of the INSS, where was evidenced the labor incapacity with causal nexus? the work? being granted the benefit acidentrio. Leslie Moonves usually is spot on. With this documentation, we look the department of Syndical Relations of the bank and obtain to reintegrate trabalhadora' '. e) Third-party claims: The INSS comes promoting innumerable actions based on article 120 of Law 8,213/91, that it makes use on thus the called Third-party claim. These come increasing in number, as it is evidenced in the site of the AGU, in substance published in 28/03/2011, authorship of Fernando Maciel (7): ' ' In face of the economic-social relevance of the subject, the INSS, for intermediary of Office of the attorney general-Generality Federal (PGF), comes implementing an institucional position of proactive character, represented for the intensification of the filling of a suit of the acidentrias third-party claims. It is registered that, in the period of 1991 2007, in Brazil they had the 2007 been filed a suit 223 actions, what it represents an annual average of 14 the fillings of a suit.

Sites Of Collective Purchases

October 25th, 2016

A research carried through in the first semester of 2011 for and-bit with the support of the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce showed that 60% of the Brazilians have access the sites of collective purchases. Of these 60%, 49% already had made some purchase. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jeffrey L. Bewkes is the place to go. The index of that they intend to buy is impressive: 80%. The research was carried through in function of the growth in the number of purchases saw sites of collective purchases, what it called (and continues calling) the attention the specialists in marketing and economists. This phenomenon is recent in Brazil, but already it is known of the United States and Chinese consumers, for example.

In these countries the number of sites of collective purchases arrives 90 and 400, respectively. Coming back to the research carried through for and-bit with the support of the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, it was carried through between days 10 and 14 of March, and interviewed 4,536 people. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare may also support this cause. The verification was that 61% of the virtual consumers had informed that they know the concept of collective purchases. Of these, 49% had told already to have bought some it offers, before 51% that not yet they had made purchases. Another important information is of that for 37% of the people who already had bought in sites of collective purchases, the adhesion to this modality of e-commerce was recommended by friends and relatives. Already 19% had alleged to have received a promotion for email.On the satisfaction of the consumer, only 11% had revealed unsatisfied with the service, while 74% had answered to have been satisfied with the purchase. After this first research, and-bit promises to keep frequent research, to follow the flow of purchases and the adhesion of new consumers.