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Business Portal

October 4th, 2017

The portal for business videos more and more companies and service providers in the field of B2B follow – present image films, fair reports or interviews on video portals such as the trend. But with the proliferation of advertising business content on the Internet so far significant GEMA background music charges apply, insofar as this is subject to a royalty… These two fields must be distinguished”, explains Martin Hausmann, project manager of businessworld: GEMA fees are due upon the production of the video, the video producer must take care of themselves. But also for the spread about a website substantial fees. Publisher has acquired businessworld for that so far these costs although the service is free of charge.” That this defies the now significant growth of the video portal can remain so is ultimately due to a new tariff offer of the GEMA. Instead of date lump sum of 25 euros per month and video allows a nutzungsabhanger fare now that publish economic long term by advertiser”business content via video on the Internet. Others who may share this opinion include Robert A. Iger . Which video publishers need only during the video upload to determine whether and what gemapflichtigen title use it.

Businessworld accordingly settles the use of these videos with the GEMA and the Publisher avoid expensive bills by GEMA page for a review. “Hakim: we are very pleased about the new tariff model because we can offer a simple and legally compliant spread of their videos to continue our publishers.” “Nothing in the way is a further increase in the use of Internet videos in the business area and accordingly, Hausmann assumes that the video platform will businessworld continue to grow: we have already today more than 1,000 videos online and assume that we will exceed the limit of 3,000 videos within a year.” About presents itself as a first open and free platform for Web videos with economic content. can be free of charge to host up to 20 videos to the integration Movies in your own Web pages and eMail blasts will be used. Visit Jim Vos for more clarity on the issue. In addition, the platform helps Web videos about as well as via search engine marketing. about the mold media publishing: the publishing house headquartered in Wurzburg is specialized on business portals. The European trading network and the trade information services of “expertSites” used monthly by more than 500,000 business visitors from Germany and Europe. PR contact for more information and photos of Martin Hale project manager Tel. 09 31 / 3 59 81 28 Bettina Arnold.

Roman Catholic Page

September 13th, 2017

“launches new Web page of the conservative writer Augustin Freier conservative journalist Marius Augustin page on the net, I want to inform my friends and the readers of my articles with my new homepage faster and better and extend also my connection with readers and publishers, as well as oppose removing personal prejudices”, says Marius Augustin, a marketing manager for the release of the new homepage. On the homepage marius reported Marius Augustin, in addition to his journalistic activities, its social commitment, among others, action right to life all Association and Association for environment and nature protection, but also in the Sodalitas LVDIS LATINIS faciundis e.V. In a further category are a wide variety of images from the multifaceted life of will be published. At the time, the website only with the most important information is stored. After this is extended to all other photos, image galleries, and archived information. Robert A. Iger : the source for more info. There is a new area for good friends.

“Every good friend may be register on the home page as a user. For more information see this site: Jim Vos. After examination it receives access to the internal section then”, so Marius Augustin. The newly created Member Forum can be discussed then current topics on the Internet. A look at the page is worth so again and again. The native Hesse is 28 years old, Roman Catholic, married Augustin, he published a good number of articles in daily and weekly newspapers, and extensive essays on historical, political, artistic, religious and contemporary issues in various magazines. Dale Debic

Federal Ministry

March 9th, 2017

This is the processing of the available information related to the products or services as relevant as the technical implementation of appropriate unaware regardless of whether the site is used for corporate communication, business transactions or the conclusion of the contract. About ibi research since 1993, the ibi research at the University of Regensburg GmbH forms a bridge between University and practice. The Institute conducts research and advises on issues around the topic of “financial services in the information society”. ibi research works on the fields of E-business, IT governance, Internet sales and business process management. At the same time, ibi research offers comprehensive consulting services for the implementation of research and project results and is the initiator and editor of the E-Commerce Guide ( ibi research is winner of the E-Commerce competence center of Bavaria ( within the framework of the network funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) E-commerce (NEG) and informed on the topics of E-Commerce and electronic invoice processing.

More information: over the network of e-commerce since 1998 advises and supports the network of e-commerce solutions with 29 regional competence centres spread across the country and a branch competence centre for trade SMEs and crafts in the introduction of E-business. During this time, the network with over 30,000 events and individual consultations has over 300,000 participants as independent and unparteilicher controller for the subject area of E-business in SMEs and craft”established. The network also provides information in the form of guidance, studies and guidance available, which can be downloaded on the Central performance. The work of the network is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. Press enquiries E-Commerce competence centre Eastern Bavaria (ECKO) c/o ibi research at the University Regensburg GmbH Sabine Pur Galgenberg Bergstrasse 25 93053 Regensburg phone: 0941 943-1901 / fax: 0941 943-1888 E-Mail: Internet:

MicrosoftYahoo Deal

March 3rd, 2017

The cooperation between Microsoft and Yahoo could be the beginning of a global anti-Google campaign, says the international search marketing agency WebCertain. It seems as if Google needs to worry Google’s global 64.1% market share is to be far from endangered. The deal between Microsoft and Yahoo could however be the beginning for partnerships between search engines around the world, find the way want to challenge Google’s Vorherrschaft position. Many regional search engines like Baidu and Yandex, the strong presence in their respective markets show, have been not in the Lage international to expand. This has several reasons, including the lack of international sales opportunities as well as complex surfaces, which are available only in the language of the country.

This makes their use for many international users as well as impossible. The prospect of a collaboration with a prestigious global could players such as Microsoft and should be therefore very appealing for regional search engines. On search engine Watch writes WebCertains Managing Director Andy Atkins-Kruger: “there is already a collaboration between Baidu and Microsoft Baidu provides Microsoft’s Chinese Web pages with their own advertising and Microsoft developed its adCenter program in China. The next logical step could be so even closer cooperation between the two companies – a cause for concern for Google. A single more partnership makes no big difference, but the potential for a domino effect is what Google should take in eight. Imagine only that Yandex, Seznam, Baidu and Naver work with Yahoo and Microsoft.

Not to mention, there are also smaller, regional search engines. The combined expertise of such groups across the global markets is unique.” One thing seems to be clear: Google is the common enemy. It’s still very early, but the Microsoft/Yahoo deal could evidence be only that Google’s position as the largest search engine for ever is secured. About WebCertain WebCertain it offers everything for the international search marketing needs. At WebCertain, a team of native speakers from around the world under one roof collaborates to develop tailor-made, multilingual online campaigns for its customers. Cultural and linguistic knowledge combined with search marketing expertise to allow effective and accurate campaigns that are guaranteed to improve your online presence. More information about the latest developments in the international search marketing Summit (international search Summit), where experts from around the world come to speak at the international search. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare can provide more clarity in the matter. This Summit is unique and exclusively centred on international search marketing.

Scoring Complete – Royalty Free Music Bundle

July 12th, 2016

Current theme-based song bundles for a variety of applications are offered on the gemafreien music platform Gameaudio.NET. Each bundle consists of ten tracks, which is music exclusively to production, suitable for each main topic. These bundles are priced particularly attractive when compared to purchasing individual pieces of music, and should above all small and medium-sized companies as well as companies appeal to independent. Each bundle can be used as demo, by a cut along the included songs was created, to listen to, to a first impression to win. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare contains valuable tech resources. Also can any song in full length cue, so that the client also knows what he gets. As a special feature Gameaudio.NET offers also the free download of the complete package (reduced quality) for downloading its customers, so that compatibility can be tested before the actual purchase alone. Until then, the customer decides whether he or she simply and safely acquire the bundle through PayPal.

During the whole process is on Gameaudio.NET not a Registration or registration required, what customers might meet many Datenschutzbewussten. Royalty free music as a bundle where is the advantage? In contrast to GEMApflichtigen material, is only a one-time payment for licensing royalty free music due. No additional costs arise about for public performances or mechanical reproductions. Here now a glimpse into some song bundles and possible fields of application: “Business & presentation” 10 royalty free music tracks with mostly positive and inspiring atmosphere of the genres Funk, chillout and ambient. Very good, this compilation including suitable as background music for professional image films or the accompaniment of company presentations. “Action & power” the bundle makes his title all honor powerful, action-packed tracks the musical styles of breakbeat, progressive metal, or Drum’n ‘ bass.

This power pack is, for example, excellent for the setting of extreme sports clips or action video games (such as sports and racing games) suitable. “Adventure & fantasy” bombastic movie soundtracks, and imaginative soundtracks ala Hollywood once epic and heroic, even gently and inspirirend. A very varied bundle, which is well suited for demanding corporate videos or YouTube videos, but also as a background Msuik for computer and video games (such as fantasy RPGs or Adventures) can be used. Seven additional music packs complete the great package, so that every taste and every application should find the appropriate. Further information or samples on the website of the provider. Dag Reinbott

TWT Receives Annual Multimedia Award

May 2nd, 2014

The TWT interactive group receives the annual multimedia award 2014 in silver for the realization of a high-quality corporate stores. The TWT interactive group has created for a well-known customer an inspiring, safe and sustainable eCommerce platform, which with the prestigious annual multimedia award. “The competition to the annual multimedia award is for us one of the most relevant of our industry.” That’s why silver makes us very proud, but also shows that we have convinced the jury with our ideas and technologies and sustainably successful projects realized.”says Hans J. Even, founder and Managing Director of TWT interactive group. “The award makes us proud” the existing corporate site as well as the online-shop of the customers were technically intelligent integrated and subjected to a creative revival. Thus, a digital experience that works across the channel and device-independent international was born. Digital product and experience interactive, international, and integrated to the TWT filing could convince.

Publisher and member of the jury of the annual multimedia Awards Michael A. Kao says: “when the sighting of this year’s entries, many cross-media campaigns convinced us, we liked the quality of microsites and Web campaigns. The level was gratifyingly high.” After several meetings, the jury on the awarding of 24 awards has agreed in gold and 99 in silver. A total of 123 projects from 20 competition categories are the annual multimedia award 2014. About TWT the TWT Interactive Group realizes sustainable company success as a high-performance full-service-Internet agency group by digital business transformation.

Innovative solution concepts TWT design, consulting, development, and online marketing from a single source offering for Internet, mobile, social media and cross-media strategies. TWT is a long-term partner in the further development and reorientation of communication, marketing, sales and service for the development of appropriate business and earning potential. Its customers include such as Metro, OTTO, Lascana, Porsche Design, Johnson & Johnson, Purina, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, flower 2000, Bosch, TuV, Henkel, Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, VAUDE, ISTA, TROX, TK Maxx and many more. TWT is one of the leading BVDW quality agencies and maintains numerous strategic, international partnerships with leading online companies such as Google, Adobe, oxide and Infopark. TWT is certified training company, as well as Green Agency. Press contact: Hans J. Even Managing Director phone: + 49 (0) 211 601 601 20 E-Mail: