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Internet Usage

Even 15 years ago, we have not heard about the Internet. Even today for many of the Internet remains a black box. According to the Fund "Public opinion" in the summer of 2009, the number of Internet users in Russia is 40 million, or 35% of the adult population. Click Coen brothers to learn more. This figure corresponds to the so-called "six-month audience" that is, it includes even those users who log on only once every six months. Consequently, 65% of the adult population in our time safely dispense with the network. roach.

Interestingly, among children, this statistic appears opposite way – about 75% of children under 14 years in Russia use the network. For even more opinions, read materials from Glenn Dubin. Compare these two figures – 65% (ie, bulk) of the adult population Russia not using the Internet, and 75% (ie, the bulk of children) use the network. It turns out that the current generation of children and adults today live in two different worlds. Perhaps, yet it is not so noticeable. When I asked his niece, a teenager, what Internet sites she visits, her response was that she always carries "in contact". That is, regularly access the Internet, it limits itself until only a meager share of its resources.

In this regard, it while a little different from its adult parents who do not use the network. However, there is no doubt that those who now fall under the category 'children up to 14 years', the majority of the time of their maturity will be experienced by users. When I first heard about the Internet in 1996 (a student), I initially enjoyed only by email.