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Abilities Techniques

September 17th, 2017

But the knowledge technician will not only be enough, also has what we call ‘ ‘ Comportamentais’ abilities; ‘ that it is related with ‘ ‘ To want Fazer’ ‘. This is the intrinsic competitive differential of the professional and has direct impact in the result of the team and directly is related with ‘ ‘ Atitudes’ ‘ of this collaborator in the correct application of the Abilities Techniques. Then, it does not force the nature of the people. Although the personality to acquire some malleability with passing of the years, the structure (the base) continues being same during all the life and as ‘ would say the philosopher; ‘ Lagartixa does not grow and turns one jacar’ ‘. It is not good business to charge and to insist on things improbable or to change behaviors (to want to make) in the rude force.

It identifies the strong and weak points of each member of its team individually and is programmed for mapeie where it is the biggest challenge there and yes, it invests in the development through ‘ ‘ As fazer’ ‘ , giving examples and following each one in accordance with its characteristics and in this case as its deficiencies. It gives time to the time! Copper of each one, small advances every day, either there how much it will be, but always advances! Either objective and direct in its feedbacks It registers the advances and if still thus, a voice of the deep one to insist there so that you provide the substitution of some collaborator, is certain that you are applying the standard of correct development, that a new collaborator is only a new possibility of success and finally that people vary its behavior throughout the career. It trusts its abilities of Leader. If to want to evaluate as they are its abilities as Leader, gratuitously makes our test in the address in link ‘ ‘ Essential abilities of the Leader 2.0’ ‘. It is not necessary to register in cadastre itself. We will send the result for the email that you indicating in them. A great one I hug! Eduardo Varela is consulting in Management of People and specialist in training and consultoria for companies of relationship with the customer. He is postgraduate in Enterprise Management for the FGV, Certification Six Sigma for the SGV, graduated Strategical Planning, for the Ibmec, beyond participation as palestrante in courses in company and workshops on management of teams of high performance and are founding of the Factor9 (www.

The Total Income

February 1st, 2017

Data of the Secretariat of familiar Agriculture of the Government of the Federal Government show that of the total of country properties of the Country, approximately 85% belong the familiar groups. Moreover they show that about 60% of foods consumed for Brazilian population and 37.8% of the Rude Value of the farming production they are produced by familiar agriculturists (NAZZARI and HEYSE, 2004). With regard to the profile of Brazilian familiar agriculture, in the year of 1.996, 39.8% of the establishments they had less than 5 hectares, 30% had between 5 and 20 hectares and 17% were in the band of 20 the 50 hectares. The average area of the familiar establishments was of 26 hectares. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Time Warner by clicking through. With regard to income 68.9% R$ 3,000 had income in the zero interval, 00 to the year and others 15.7% possuam total income between R$ 3,000, 00 and 8,000, 00 and only 0.8% had superior income the 27,500, 00 to the year.

These information confirm that the universe of the familiar agriculturists is very differentiated, and that while has left of the establishments it generates a level of sustainable income, another one faces great difficulties associates to the lack of resources (RASP and WILKINSON, 2002). The total area of the establishments is a determinative factor in the attainment of the Total Income, although this, with only 30.5% of the area, the familiar establishments are responsible for 37,9% of all the national production. The Total Income of the familiar establishments demonstrates the potential of the familiar agriculturists, economic and productive, getting income through the farming production in its establishments. (INCRA/FAO, 2000). According to Farming Census of 1995/1996, only in the South Region of the Country, exists 994 a thousand farming establishments, being that, 904 a thousand is of the familiar type, Rattlesnake – PR – 17 the 19 of June of 2008 representing 91% of the total.


April 2nd, 2014

As we know well, the methodology is on the form, or better, to the ways used for the attainment it to know scientific. As Vergara says (2007), methodology means, in the original term of the word, study of the ways, the used instruments to become science. After that, we will see delimitation of the study and characterization of the research, collects of data and the analysis and interpretation of the data. 4,1 DELIMITATION OF the STUDY AND CHARACTERIZATION OF the RESEARCH This research was carried through in company GAC FRUITS in the city of Joo Person. It approximately took two months for its accomplishment, that is, she was made in the months of March and April. The method that was used throughout the research was the inductive one. The induction is carried through through three makes: to observe the facts, phenomena to analyze and them, to compare them and to approach the facts to discover a relation between them, generalizing the relation between the facts, that is, this method searchs information that converge to one exactly objective or situation, establishing a relation between them and on of these data making a generalization.

Induction is a mental process for intermediary of which, leaving of particular data, evidenced enough, a general or universal truth, not contained is inferred in the examined parts. Therefore, the objective of the arguments is to take the conclusions whose content is much more ample of what of the premises on which if they had based (MARCONI and LAKATOS, 2004, P. 53). When using this method, we had a common knowledge of the company, and from the current situation we made some comparisons and conclusions. The used method was the exploratria descriptive and, therefore by means of the descriptive method we can involve all the company with different opinions and the exploratria research made with that the researcher had a greater and deepened knowledge of the study in focus.