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Spain’s Economy

Rubalcaba has called this Saturday banks collaborate with their benefits in creating jobs for the young. The patron saint of Spanish banks ensures that it shares the concern of the Socialist candidate. This week has been particularly complicated for Spanish economy. The Spanish Association of Banca (AEB), the patron saint of Spanish banks, considered this…

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European Central Bank

EFE new series will be called Europe, in tribute to the character from Greek mythology who gave its name to our continent. They will have 3 new safety elements: the watermark portrait, hologram and the emerald green number. They will be introduced gradually over several years, starting with the $ 5 ticket in may 2013.…

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The Chinese Government

8.10. The propaganda continues to be an important weapon. NATO has released leaflets over the area of Tripoli. They are some sheets with images on one side and a text on the other side. Most of these messages are destined for the wrestlers gadafistas urging them to surrender. Officers, soldiers and fighters of the great…

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